Wednesday, February 20, 2019

30 Day Tidying Challenge • Day 3 • Bags

Welcome to Day 3 of the #30daytidyingchallenge! This challenge runs from February 18th to March 19th, and if you're tidying with me over the next 27 days, the plan is to be finished in time for the first day of spring on March 20th (or the March Equinox if you are located in the Southern Hemisphere). This tidying challenge is based on the KonMari method, and I was hugely inspired by these three resources: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy, and Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

To help with the process, I put together this calendar, which shows all the different categories I'll be tidying during the 30 day challenge. Depending on your situation, you may want to tackle this project over a number of months, and that is totally ok too! You can still use the calendar--just follow the order, but take more time for each set of categories.

On Day 3, we'll be tidying bags, small leather goods (SLGs), and bag charms.

Some thoughts on Day 3:

1) New storage ideas will magically appear as you continue to tidy. I have dreams about storage and organization now. When I woke up on Day 3, I did my usual morning routine, which includes a minimum 10-minute meditation before I even leave my bed. During meditation, an idea surfaced. I have a small area in the condo that is away from the rest of my wardrobe, which I've always used to store a few special clothing pieces that I don't want to get damaged in my overstuffed closet. What if I found room for these pieces in my closet, which is now a little less full thanks to the tidying I did on Day 1? Then perhaps I could use the newly empty area to help consolidate my bags into one place in the condo. I went though the process for Day 3, tried out my idea, and it worked! I have a feeling other puzzle pieces will fall into place as I continue to tidy, which is the main reason I'm saving most of the before-and-after photos for the end of the 30-day journey.

2) Use the bag-in-bag method. Prior to tidying today, I was only using the bag-in-bag method for one bag. I'm not sure why I didn't use this method before, because it is really effective in reducing the amount of space your bags take up! It was tremendously helpful to lay out all my bags in one central location so I could start grouping similar items together. I ended up using the bag-in-bag method for my backpacks, my beach/bucket bags, two of my more sentimental bags, and bags/SLGs that I normally use only when I travel. By saving space, I was also able to consolidate my bag storage from a whopping six areas in the condo down to three. A couple of these don't really count, so I feel pretty comfortable saying I store all my handbags in one area of the condo now. :)

3) It feels good to let go. I had several handbags left in my collection that I knew did not spark joy. I realized this over four years ago, even before I first read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Seeing these bags periodically over the last several years brought up tremendous feelings of guilt. I felt bad for not using them, and I noticed they were becoming crushed and misshapen because I hadn't stored them properly. From time to time, I would pull one out to wear, not because I wanted to but rather out of guilt. After honing in on how I felt during tidying today, I was able to let them go. They have already found a new home, and I feel so much lighter and happier after releasing them from my collection.

Thank you for tuning into Day 3! If you're tidying alongside me, please let me know how you're doing. I would love to hear about your journey and if you have any tips or tricks to share. I'll see you tomorrow for Day 4. :)

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