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30 Day Tidying Challenge • Day 0 • Mindset

In November 2014, I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up for the first time, and I wasn't sure what to make of the book. Back then, I had so many possessions, and so little respect for them, that the concepts contained in the book seemed pretty radical; however, Marie Kondo was enthusiastic and convincing enough that I decided to try her method with an open mind. I diligently followed the first step and wrote out a vision document.

Vividly describe your ideal lifestyle.
Why do you want to live this way?

I was open and honest with myself, and that helped propel me forward; however, I thought of the tidying process mainly as a decluttering exercise. I was overwhelmed by how much I had, but I managed to discard a lot of things that didn't spark joy, even though I wasn't too sure what "spark joy" meant. I went through the clothing, books, and papers categories, but then I lost steam and never properly finished the KonMari method.

In the four years that followed my initial attempt at tidying, I slowly started to understand. I became increasingly aware of how I felt when I wore a piece of clothing or used an object in our home. Even staple items, which I had felt indifferent about in the past, started to spark joy because I appreciated their value and utility. I started having more respect for my home and the objects contained therein. I knew I wanted to go though the entire KonMari method in full, but there was always something more pressing on my to-do list.

Now that I have more time, I've been meaning to get our home organized. I've been telling myself that it's time to declutter and do a deep cleaning, but these tasks somehow always get deprioritized. Then I watched the Tidying Up with Marie Kondo series on Netflix and got a jolt of inspiration. I was incredibly moved by all the families featured on the show, and the way the KonMari method of tidying transformed their lives. Some of you are familiar with how I like to use monthly challenges and 10-minute habits to gently nudge my behaviour in a different direction. With spring around the corner, I thought this would be the perfect time to try another monthly challenge. A tidying challenge!

I created the 30 Days to Spring Tidying Challenge to motivate myself to embark on this adventure, and I hope it will motivate some of you as well. If you would like to join me (or follow my tidying journey), I will be posting daily videos on my YouTube channel in line with this calendar I've put together. The challenge will begin on February 18th and end on March 19th, just in time for the first day of spring. :) Depending on your situation, you may want to tackle this project over a number of months, and that is totally ok too! You can still use the calendar--just follow the order, but take more time for each set of categories.

Below, I've outlined the basic steps for the KonMari method. If you want to develop a more in-depth understanding of the method, I highly recommend both of Marie Kondo's books: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy.

1. Commit yourself to tidying up.
2. Imagine your ideal lifestyle.
3. Finish discarding first.
4. Tidy by category, not by location.
5. Follow the right order.
6. Ask yourself if it sparks joy.

In preparation for the start of tidying, I want to take a moment to focus on mindset. Rather than thinking of this challenge as decluttering or housework, I'm thinking of it as a self-development and self-awareness exercise. In this video, I talk about the importance of laying a proper foundation for our tidying journey in order to set ourselves up for success. I've determined my vision for my ideal life (rather different from the one I wrote four years ago), I've set my intention, and I've greeted my home. I'll be back on February 18th for Day 1 of the #30daytidyingchallenge.

Happy tidying!

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