Saturday, March 2, 2019

30 Day Tidying Challenge • Day 13 • Fragrances

Welcome to Day 13 of the #30daytidyingchallenge! This challenge runs from February 18th to March 19th, and if you're tidying with me over the next 17 days, the plan is to be finished in time for the first day of spring on March 20th (or the March Equinox if you are located in the Southern Hemisphere). This tidying challenge is based on the KonMari method, and I was hugely inspired by these three resources: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy, and Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

To help with the process, I put together this calendar, which shows all the different categories I'll be tidying during the 30 day challenge. Depending on your situation, you may want to tackle this project over a number of months, and that is totally ok too! You can still use the calendar--just follow the order, but take more time for each set of categories.

On Day 13, we'll be tidying perfume, body sprays, essential oils, candles, and home fragrances.

Some thoughts on Day 13:

1) Letting go of entire categories of items is liberating. I use a lot of categories of products within the overall beauty bucket. I noticed this when I started posting Get Ready With Me videos, and the list of products in the description box took me hours to put together. When I started simplifying my life, I started looking for categories of products that I could eliminate. While I didn't declutter a lot in the fragrance category today, I have pretty much eliminated these categories in terms of future purchases. I plan to use up what I have, but I don't plan to buy any more perfume, body sprays, candles, or home fragrances ever again. The only items I plan to purchase going forward are essential oils. It feels great to no longer have to restock items you run out of, and I plan to do a video on items I no longer purchase. If you do decide to let go of an entire category of item (instead of using up your existing stash like I am), just go for it!! You don't have to keep one or two of something. Keeping zero is even better.

2) Keep the big picture in mind on lighter tidying days. Today was a light day for me in terms of tidying, because I plan to use up all the items I have, and the like items are pretty much already stored together. On days like today, I like to keep the big picture in mind, by planning ahead for the upcoming categories or starting to think about where I'd like to store things when I get to the organization stage. The other thing I like to do is just take a break! This is a very intense 30 day challenge, and taking breaks when you need them will help rejuvenate you for the remaining tidying days.

Thank you for tuning into Day 13! If you're tidying alongside me, please let me know how you're doing. I would love to hear about your journey and if you have any tips or tricks to share. I'll see you tomorrow for Day 14. :)

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