Wednesday, April 17, 2019

30 Days of Self-Improvement • April Challenge • Update 3

We're over halfway through the month of April. Where does the time go? This month, my 30 days of self-improvement involves waking up at 5am and eating no processed junk food for the entire month (I'm playfully dubbing this challenge 5AM+NPJF for "simplicity"). By doing this challenge, I'm hoping to see positive results in my energy levels, motivation, and productivity.

Waking up early
I've been waking up -- and getting out of bed -- pretty much right at 5am for the past 5 or 6 days, and it's felt great. At first, I feel a bit sluggish and sleepy, but as soon as I brush my teeth, I feel alert. The key is not snoozing! The hiccup this week though is that I've been sleeping late. Playoff hockey + Game of Thrones = mandatory late nights. I've been going to bed at around 11pm, which sounds early, but when not for someone who wakes up at 5am and needs 7.5 hours of sleep. To make up for my later-than-normal bedtime, I've been taking 1-2 hour naps almost daily. These naps are two-fold: so I can catch up on sleep (I don't want to accrue sleep debt) and so I can stay up late to watch more playoff hockey. I know, this is a vicious cycle, but one that I've been in before. I'm confident that I'll be able to break free.

Stopping the purchase and consumption of processed junk food
This part of the challenge is rolling along nicely. I did have some minor junk food cravings a couple of times, but nothing severe. The only issue is that hubby and I have been eating SO MUCH cheese, crackers, and bread. I gained a little weight this winter when I was overindulging on chocolate, so I've been meaning to trim up a bit. But that's next to impossible with the amount of bread and cheese (and dried fruit) I eat. I'm going to try to scale back a bit. In terms of my skin, I ended up breaking out pretty badly during my "time of the month," -- the pimples seemed more surface level, but I picked at them, so they got much worse than they would have if I had just left them alone. Henceforth, I resolve not to pick at my skin anymore!

Note: for the purposes of this challenge, processed junk food will include potato chips, bagged popcorn, chocolate bars, candy, rice cakes, tortilla chips, cookies, etc. — basically anything that comes in a box or bag that you would keep in your pantry and consume as a snack. I’m still going to be eating bread, cheese, plain yogurt, crackers (e.g., with my goat cheese appetizer), etc.; however, please feel free to set your own rules!

Daily updates will be posted via Instagram stories @Authenblissity. I’ll also be posting periodic updates and standalone videos (on topics related to waking up and healthy eating) on YouTube.

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